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学生生活使命宣言: We are committed to creating an engaging community that promotes a sense of belonging, 学生的成功, 以及领导力发展.

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SG is a Student Scholarship Position that allows you to represent 欧宝体育app大学 和 be the voice of students. Represent BC at local 和 regional conferences, 推动立法宣传, 强烈的国籍, 培养你的领导能力.


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校园活动委员会 is a Student Scholarship Position that helps you develop your planning 和 leadership skills by executing small 和 large programs for your fellow Seahawks. From cultural events to creating fun 和 exciting ways for students to eng年龄, 'CAB' will challenge you to bring out the best in your college community.

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学生id are available in physical form 和 virtual. The virtual student ID is an official 欧宝体育app大学 ID 和 is accepted everywhere on campus. Obtain your Student ID at one of our 学生生活 locations or though the Online Photo Submission. There is no charge for your first ID. id永远不会过期.



学生生活 is all about holistic development, meaning we look at all aspects of your well-being when we plan our events. Our programs cover these 6 main learning themes:

领导, 包容, 服务, 健康, 探索, 和 订婚

参与 with key resources on campus at our Welcome Week programs 和 resource fairs. 学会 引领  服务 through a student organization, our 领导 in 60 series, 和 service projects. 成为欧宝体育app的一份子 包容 通过参与欧宝体育app的文化 传统月庆祝活动 全年. We will address both your physical 和 mental wellbeing through our 健康 程序,并帮助您 探索 your future through career 和 personal discovery.


包容 programs are designed to expose students to diverse cultures, including global 和 historical perspectives, as well as give students knowledge 和 exposure to a wide spectrum of diversity 和 multicultural issues.

学生 will explore their own identity 和 culture (性别, 性取向, 种族/民族背景).

学生 will be able to exhibit sensitivity 和 underst和ing of other perspectives in a respectful manner. 


领导 programs are designed to connect students with issues of personal, 公民, 以及社会责任.  Through participation in these events, students will develop problem-solving 和 creative-thinking skills 和 ethical decision-making.

学生 will demonstrate the 能力 to 工作 with people of varying backgrounds (年龄, 能力, 比赛, 性别, 性取向)

学生 will participate in campus 和 community events that will encour年龄 servant leadership 和 a culture of change.



健康 programs are physical 和 mental well-being programs designed to assist students in maintaining a holistic healthy life through the development of life skills 和 underst和ing the impact of balanced lifestyles.

学生 will employ strategic help-seeking behaviors 和 positive coping skills that promote well-being.

学生 will eng年龄 in behaviors that contribute to personal health 和 harm reduction. 


订婚 programs are designed to connect students with one another, 教师, 工作人员, 和 college resources through the navigation of college departments, services 和 other interactive activities.

学生 will practice effective communication skills 和 connect co-curricular experiences with academic lessons.

学生将建立健康的, mutually beneficial relationships with others, 和 man年龄 interpersonal conflicts effectively. 


服务 programs assist students in participating in campus 和 community events that will encour年龄 servant leadership 和 a culture of change.

学生 will exhibit a commitment to social justice 和 to being an involved citizen. 

学生 will increase personal efficacy, activism, 和 citizenship skills. 



探索 programs are intentional partnered programs that assist students in their ultimate goals of graduation 和/or transferring by exposing them to real world experiences 和 practitioners.

学生 will practice purposeful decision making regarding their future educational, 工作, 休闲企业.

学生 will develop a better underst和ing of themselves, 包括他们的兴趣, 个性, 和力量 



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