The Robert "Bob" Elmore 荣誉学院

The 荣誉学院 is an academic-based program where students take 15-18 credit hours of honors courses to receive an honors certificate or an honors degree. 荣誉 courses add both breadth 和 depth to the educational experiences, as well as a concentrated version of general education studies. Students are encour年龄d to apply after completing two college-level courses 和 achieving the required cumulative GPA of 3.5个或更多. Benefits of an honors education include:

  • Prepares you for critical thinking in the workforce, 和/or admissions into graduate programs
  • Gain knowledge of other academic worlds by learning from your peers of different majors 和 degree programs.
  • Classes are smaller than the aver年龄 class size at 欧宝体育app大学
  • Priority registration 和 access to scholarships

荣誉的好处  欧宝体育app荣誉学院  奖学金


You can apply for admission to The Robert "Bob" Elmore 荣誉学院 at any time—there is no deadline. You can fill out an application online, or you can also obtain an application from one of the Campus 荣誉 Coordinators

There are many ways to be eligible to apply:

  1. Completion of 6 college-credits with a 3.总绩点/荣誉绩点 (GPA is based on college-level courses only)
  2. High School Graduation 和 Test Scores:
    • 1170 SAT score (minimum 550 in reading 和 math with no remedial classes required)
    • 22 Composite ACT score (min of 21 English, 22 Reading, 21 Math)
    • Pert: Reading 113, Math 123, Writing 123
  3. Proof of completion of a 首页 School program with test scores listed above. Please contact admissions for more information.
  4. GED diploma with top 1-2% GED test score (3,500或更高, based on test percentiles on your diploma) 

AS degree seeking students are encour年龄d to apply! Requirements for AS degree seeking students are the same as the requirements for the AA degree seeking student. Contact your campus coordinator for more information.

There are numerous benefits to student who join! 这里有一些:

  • 荣誉 Classes (small, seminar style, dynamic, enjoyable)
  • 学院奖学金
  • 学术资格
  • Wear 荣誉 Cords at the Commencement Ceremony
  • Transfer scholarships 和 placement at universities
  • 首日注册特权
  • The Robert "Bob" Elmore 荣誉学院 Certificate (this is an articulated agreement with state colleges 和 universities 和 entitles you to consideration for transfer scholarships 和 increases in scholarship amounts)
  • Early BC academic advisement priority

The College offers the The "Irm's" Scholar Award 和 term scholarships to 荣誉 students. Most students should be eligible for one of these scholarship opportunities. 除了, The Robert "Bob" Elmore 荣誉学院 offers scholarships for students participating on the Brain Bowl Team.

由于先生的慷慨. 罗伯特•爱尔摩, who established the Robert "Bob" Elmore 荣誉学院 Scholarship Endowment, some part-time scholarships are now available (pending current deadlines).

The College's scholarships are awarded separately for full-time 和 part-time 荣誉 students each term. Students receiving the "Irm's" Scholar Award will not have to reapply each term, 但必须满足一定的要求. All other students must fill out a scholarship application every term that they meet the following eligibility requirements:



  • membership in The Robert "Bob" Elmore 荣誉学院
  • enrolled in a minimum of twelve credits
  • enrolled in a minimum of one 荣誉 class
  • 至少3.总绩点/荣誉绩点


  • membership in The Robert "Bob" Elmore 荣誉学院
  • enrolled in a minimum of six credits 和 less than twelve credits
  • enrolled in a minimum of one 荣誉 class
  • 至少3.总绩点/荣誉绩点